Our obesity war – what THEY’RE not telling us

Obesity victim
Diets help, but not enough – so does exercise – but no-one ever admits why you’re fat in the first place

THEY’RE worried. THEY’RE scared. THEY’RE also in denial.

Because THEY know exactly why we’re fat and getting fatter.  Only THEY don’t make the connection. It’s not directly in THEIR field. Therefore it’s off the radar. A fringe issue.

The inconvenient truth

OK, so try this.

Every day we’re in the cross-hairs of the world’s most efficient and No 1 growth booster. Every meal, every mouthful, exposes us more – and this has been happening for more than 50 years.

This growth booster does two things.

The first is, it makes us eat as much as we can and no stopping. Go for the power foods, the ones that give us instant charge and power – quick grab, go, go, go.

The second is, it makes us conserve all the energy we get. Avoid running round burning it all off again, keep calm, relax and chill.

Food production phenomenon

Put both of these together and growth accelerates four times, five times, ten.  Just like it does on the farm. From egg to full-grown roasting chicken in 6 weeks. From calf to Aberdeen Angus sirloin steak in 16 months instead of four years.

Yup, it’s the growth boosters they use in food production that are making us bulk up, the CAUSE of our obesity epidemic.

Quite right, we eat too much and don’t take enough exercise and that makes us pile on the pounds.

But we never think what MAKES us do it. Just try to come up with answers – all of them half-baked and doomed to failure.

Diets, gastric bands, punishment sessions in the gym – they’re all useless until we plug the source of these high powered growth boosters.


Because we eat to satisfy a hunger that isn’t really there. Constantly goaded by our continual ingestion of antibiotics.

Not what the doctor ordered

Not on antibiotics right now?

Oh yes, you are. All of us are.

But we’re all different, so they affect us in different ways. Some of us get fat faster than others. But we’re ALL of us putting on inches.

Since the 1970s, every person in Britain has roughly gained more than three pounds (1.5kg) per decade – that’s twelve pounds (6kg), a third of your baggage allowance on EasyJet.

Not surprising. World use of antibiotics in agriculture is currently around 65,000 tonnes if you believe official reports. Even higher if you probe deeper.

China for instance, acknowledges its overall consumption at 162,000 tonnes – “almost half of world usage” – which means that internationally we’re galloping through around 324,000 tonnes a year.

So where does all this stuff go?

Let’s leave out medical uses for the moment, they’re already a headache with something like one-third prescribed for unnecessary situations. Chickenfeed on farms – and we mean that literally.

Super-beef, super-chicken, super-salad

Pumping antibiotics into animals means farmers can produce market-ready products that are bigger, better and faster than ever before. Compared with the 1950s, a super-duper enlarged output big enough to feed 7½ billion people off the SAME land, 5 billion more than back then. Beef, dairy, poultry, mutton, fish, veg and grain crops – everything in the food spectrum is on turbo from antibiotics.

Yes, the stuff accelerates growth, but not all of it goes in and stays there – no animal absorbs everything it eats. Per Nature’s grand plan that everything is interrelated, the average cow excretes anything from 80-90% of the feedstuff it chows down, nutrients for plants and other animals that feed on them.  Other types of animal are the same – and even our own poo is full of nutrients, prized in China as the best there is.

Result, there’s antibiotics in the soil that grows everything, antibiotics in the waste water run-off, antibiotics in our streams and river systems, antibiotics in our drinking water. Everything on your supermarket shelves is laced with them – and THEY don’t know or pretend not to.

Head in the sand tactics

Obvious though it is, the penny never drops. Not among retailers, or farmers, or doctors, or government, or manufacturers. They all know antibiotics are a super growth booster – and they all know we’re riding the tsunami of a worldwide obesity epidemic. Yet all they’re worried about is antibiotic resistance – that these miracle drugs are beginning not to work as lifesaver any more.

Lifesavers! These things are killing us!

That’s how they work, by the way. By killing bacteria. Killing whatever bacteria might be making us ill – and killing several million of our vital gut bacteria at the same time – the ones that process our digestion, produce our proteins and control our immune systems.

Which is why our immune systems don’t work as well as they used to.  Why we’re less resistant to colds and flu like back in the 60s. Why we’ve got phantom illnesses we never used to have in the form of allergies. And why we’re getting fatter and fatter – on our way to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, asthma – whichever slow-burn killer our own particular metabolism is most vulnerable to.

Big train smash coming

Because antibiotics have become so big, they’re a train we cannot get off. Pull the plug on farming and we go back to food production levels of the 50s – 5 billion people with nothing to eat. Pull the plug in medicine and we’re back to the Dark Ages. No more heart bypasses or hip replacements – infection is either avoided by washing beforehand, or cut away from the suffering body with scalpels.

Not the end of the world, but a pretty devastating substitute. No wonder THEY’RE not telling us. Though if it’s any consolation, you have the satisfaction of knowing that it’s happening to THEM too. THEY’RE getting fat like you, THEY’RE on the same train.

Watch this space, there are ways to jump off – and we will bring them to you.

Picture Copyright: luislouro / 123RF Stock Photo