Germs outbreak at work: your disaster plan is ready

Worried businesswoman on phone
An outbreak? Don’t panic. Get the professionals to sterilise the place. No germs, no illnesses. Call 07776 451222.

Disaster is right. Any outbreak is. For the people involved and from the money angle too.

You could lose thousands, maybe millions, if this isn’t handled right.

So it’s handy to have a plan you KNOW is going to work. To fix it so the germs are gone and everybody is safe. And to be sure they won’t come back again, at least in the immediate future.

It’s an easy plan too. For whatever outbreak you might have. E. coli, flu, SARS, norovirus, or something more serious – even anthrax or typhoid.

With jet travel so quick from all kinds of possible trouble spots around the world, you never know what might come home on your suitcase.

Plan for the worst, hope for the best

Get your people out of there. Send home the ones who are sick if they’re not already in hospital. Notify your cleaners you have a hazardous job to be done. After that, seal off the place.

Then just call one phone number. 07776 451222.

That’ll bring a hit team of health protection professionals with all their gear – ready on your doorstep within 24 hours, anywhere in mainland UK.

First off, they’ll need to know the place is cleaned. If it isn’t, because of the health risk, they’ll have to direct your cleaning team – or bring in one of their own. Cleaning is essential before any hazards can be removed.

One number in your area – 07776 451222

Eliminate all germs

Then what the team will do is sterilise. Mist the place up with ionised hydrogen peroxide that penetrates everywhere. That destroys all germs on contact – oxidises all viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi so everything is dead.

Your place is now safe to re-enter, all germs are gone. And with no germs around, nobody can catch anything. Your outbreak is over.

Nor will it come back because the mist disperses everywhere, including deep into cracks and crevices – the unreachable places that hand cleaning cannot touch. And the air space too – around 80% of every working area. You can tell it has worked because all smells are gone.

Once bitten…

A word of caution though. The place might be sterile, but any staff members who are still infected can upset everything if they come back early.

Likewise, the cause of your outbreak. If it’s from some integral deficiency – like damp in the walls, poor ventilation or excessive heat – this kind of quick fix will need to be done again. And again, and again, and again – until the root problem is solved.

Bear in mind too, that the sterile condition wears off.

Just like we clean our teeth every day to maintain safe personal hygiene, so regular treatment is necessary to keep germ levels low.

We all of us carry around our own personal germ cloud with us. We’re even made of bacteria anyway.  Scientist now know that 90% of our bodies are colonies  of benign and beneficial bacteria – only 10% of us are human .

And working closely together in the same space as we so often are, we are constantly exposed to each other’s microbiomes, as they’re called. Most often, not a health issue of any kind – but not always.

That’s how cross-infections happen. One person gets a bug – and it goes around like wildfire. Coughs, colds, and others more serious. Exactly how your outbreak spread in the first place.

… and don’t come back

Regular hygiene treatments however reduce these hazards. Not just for staff going sick, but for those with a minor ailment that sets them off colour. Not serious enough to stay home, but enough to feel like it’s the end of the world at work.

Underpowered staff at half speed for as much as 60 days a year or three working months – a major drain on productivity, particularly with mistakes and concentration below par.

Which could make your outbreak a blessing in disguise.

Alert now to the dangers of workplace germs, your regular hygiene treatments can actually boost your bottom line. Staff feel more healthy, better motivated, more committed to get-up-and-go.

Good thinking, Number One, your disaster plan is working.

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Virus alert: major threat to all UK businesses

Anxious businesswoman
Computer virus, huh? A real biological one can take out a whole population

It’s a rolling threat too. Persistent – and really nasty.  Able to shut a whole company down for weeks.

Worse, it keeps coming back. Attached to emails, or via the phone. Certainly through your laptop or tablet.

Better get onto IT pronto. That’s Infection Troubleshooting, in case you were wondering.

Real virus, real bug, real illness

Because this thing is not digital or electronic. It’s physical and affects you personally. That’s what real viruses do. Or bacteria. Or fungi.

So it’s not rebooting or resetting your CPU we might be looking at. It’s a possible full-blown medical emergency, admitting you to ICU. In full quarantine if it’s serious.

Yes, THAT kind of virus.

The kind makes you run a fever. Breaks  you out in sweats. Has you coughing your soul out. Twists your gut with wrenching cramps. Clamps you to the loo with acid runs. Makes you upchuck all your insides. Spins your brain doolally. Turns your muscles to water. Makes you ill for days or weeks. Keeps attacking until you’re dead.

They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere

A GERM virus. That kind of threat.

One of the many billions that surround us every day. Sitting on the paper your email is printed on. Lurking in the finger smears on your smartphone touch-screen. Same thing with the keypad and visual display screen of your other devices. Wafting in the air all around.

Which means it’s not computer downtime we’re worried about, that’s fixable.

We’re talking about a major people outage – absenteeism across the board. The downside threat that costs British business a hefty £29 billion a year.

Everybody caught by a stupid bug that goes round like wildfire – and the whole company is down the tubes.

Sloppy hygiene

Of course none of us want to believe it, but a hefty chunk of this threat is caused by our own sloppy hygiene. The awkward and embarrassing truth that we just don’t wash our hands.

Because we can’t SEE germs – microscopically invisible at just 3 microns across and less –  we reckon our hands are clean. Reality is that while 99% of us claim to wash our hands after going to the loo, only 32% of men and 64% of women actually do.

And out of those who actually do wash, a whopping 95% of us don’t even do the job properly.

But it’s not just our hands.

Everything around is covered in germs too. The threat is everywhere. Exactly how badly depends on how often a thing gets cleaned or not. The average office desk, for instance, caries at least 10 million germs – even though the place is probably vacuumed out every night and everything wiped down.

Personal germ cloud

We ourselves are just as bad, walking round with our own personal germ cloud signature trailing everywhere we go.

Most of the time we’re OK with it, the germs are benign or we’re immune to them. But not everybody else is. So they can catch all manner of illnesses, just by being in the same room with us.

And what about the room? It too has it’s own quota of germs – an aggregate of everything brought in by everybody else. PLUS whatever blew in, or was already there in the first place.

Billions and billions of viruses, spores and bacteria – so light they may never fall to ground. Waiting to be breathed in or swallowed by whoever happens to be there. Corralled and intensified by the four walls that surround us – we do after all live indoors 90% of the time.

Yeah, so that’s why the virus alert. Or bacteria, or fungi.

Right now with everybody coming back from holiday, maybe it’s norovirus or flu. Or from unwashed hands, maybe campylobacter or escherichia coli.

Whatever it is, any one of them can kill. Perhaps not directly, but we are our own worst enemies. Dragging ourselves into work when we feel like death. From misplaced sense of duty or threat to job security, it doesn’t matter which.

We let our illnesses get bad, we infect everyone else – then complications set in. Dehydration, blood poisoning, organ failure. The kind of thing that IT can do nothing about – either the computer or medical kind.

Getting our own back

But there is an escape – so simple, it’s surprising more companies haven’t thought of it before.

Sterilise the place every night, so every day starts with zero germ-hazard.

And not just the surfaces either – all the nooks and crannies and even the air itself. Right down to the smears on your laptop. The sticky finger marks might still be there – but the germs are dead and gone.

Dead easy and simple too. Using a Hypersteriliser, the place gets misted up with ionised hydrogen peroxide. Dry, so vital connections are safe and secure. A mild, eco-friendly 6% solution, so sensitive materials are unaffected.

One hour later, all viruses and bacteria are gone. The alert is over – and £29 billion downtime is avoided.

No coughs or colds this winter. No nasty tummy bugs either. Not unless you forget the soap and water.

Sigh, first it was your Mum kept on at you, now it’s your employer.

Go on. Wash you hands before you do anything. Be good now, don’t disappoint.

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