Better than your GP – better than A&E

Healthy woman
What if you never had to go to the Doc again?

Staying healthy is important, right?

It’s the key to a happy life, doing what you want to do, being yourself – everything.

So would you take pills to help you keep well?

Nearly a quarter of us do, gulping down all kinds of keep-well tablets and nutritional supplements – a booming business expected to be worth £786 million by 2018 according to Euromonitor.

Do nothing – and suffer

But hold up there a minute. If it’s that important, why haven’t you had your flu jab?

More to the point, why haven’t your kids?

It’s free, you know, to under-fours. And not even an injection. A quick sniff from a nasal spray and they’re done.

Yet so far this year, only a third of children in this age group have been vaccinated. And according to chief medical officer Dame Sally Owens, these are the “super-spreaders” – the ones who cause the rest of us to catch the bug, especially grandparents and relatives.

What are we, round the twist or what?

Antibiotics don’t work

Because if we get a sniffle, most of us run to the Doc and demand antibiotics.

And antibiotics don’t work a damn against colds and flu – or any virus for that matter. But we pressure the Doc anyway – adding to the frightening reality that over-use of antibiotics means they don’t work any more.

That’s of course if you can get to the Doc, who’s all bunged up with people like you coughing and sneezing so there’s less time for Mrs Johnson who really has got a problem with her arthritic hip.

No problem, if the Doc’s overcrowded, maybe you’re one of those who runs to A&E at 10.00 in the evening because that’s when your TV programme’s finished. Good luck with getting through the triage wait – you’ll be a while after the girl in cardiac arrest from the three-car accident.

But that’s not you, is it? You’re much more thoughtful. Your local clinic and the A&E are busy places, so you stay home and suffer in silence.

Ill and iller

Except when you’re not well, you’re not well. And not doing something about it can only make things worse – may even make them irrecoverable.

It’s why too many cancer patients in Britain succumb for example. Staying away in the hopes of getting better could be the death of you.

So why run the risk of getting ill at all? If we’re spending over £20 every week or so for a bottle of vitamin tablets, what’s wrong with a flu jab for only £12?

What’s it worth to stay well and never have to visit the Doc at all? Or sit in A&E with some drunk heaving all over you?

No germs, no nothing

Here’s a few sums.

Central heating might set you back £3,000 to shut out winter. Double glazing could cost you £6,000 and over to stop the draughts. And insulation to prevent heat loss, £500. That’s £10K, just to keep warm and comfortable.

So how much for never getting sick because your house is sterile?

No viruses, no bacteria, so there’s nothing around to bring you down. That won’t stop little Katie from bringing something home from school of course. But it will raise the hygiene threshold so there’s less chance of catching anything.

No it doesn’t have to cost £10K, you can buy it for £100 a week. A completely automatic Hypersteriliser that eliminates health hazards completely.

About the size of a small wheelie-bin, it sprays each room with an ultra-fine mist of hydrogen peroxide. The stuff is ionised so it reaches out and grabs germs by static charge, ripping them apart by oxidising them.

Exactly the treatment you would want to give anything that makes you feel so lousy.

No germs in your home, you don’t get sick. No visits to the Doc or A&E. You may not even need the keep-well tablets either. You and your family are safe and protected from all the bugs that make life so miserable. Norovirus, campylobacter, salmonella, e.coli, flu, the works.

There’s beasties out there

You still need to take care of course. Step outside and you’re back in the thick of it. Out in the cold too – and the wind, and the rain, and all the other things that being out of nice, warm central heating can throw at us.

Worth it though, don’t you think – to keep all those nasties away?

Just don’t forget your flu jab.

That girl with the glasses in Accounts is sneezing all over the place.

Back Off, Bacteria! is the blog of Hyper Hygiene Ltd, supplier of what we’re convinced is the most effective health protection system in the world. A fully mobile, all-automatic Hypersteriliser machine mists up workplaces with ionised hydrogen peroxide, spreading everywhere and eliminating all bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Hypersteriliser units are supplied to businesses and institutions across the UK, notably the haematology and other critical units at Salford Royal Hospital, Greater Manchester; Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospital; South Warwickshire Hospital; Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital; and Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead.

The Halo Hypersteriliser system achieves 6-log Sterility Assurance Level – 99.9999% of germs destroyed. It is the only EPA-registered dry mist fogging system – EPA No 84526-6. It is also EU Biocide Article 95 Compliant.

Originally posted on 1 August 2018 @ 6:49 am

Originally posted on 1 August 2018 @ 6:49 am