The drugs don’t work – so keep germs away, or die

Medical researcher
The miracle’s not happening any more – antibiotics are starting to kill us

You read that right, the drugs don’t work.

And you’d better believe it, because it’s coming true.

The Verve sang about it on their album Urban Hymns.

Slightly more scary, there’s a book about it as well – by no less a person than Dr Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer of England,  somebody who ought to know.

Take a pill, it does nothing. That’s where we’re going.

Everything’s a risk

Which means a sore throat could kill you – so could a paper cut.

Even worse, we could be dying already – FROM PILLS WE’VE ALREADY TAKEN. Antibiotics we had years ago as a kid – a miracle cure back then, but slowly killing us now.

And even if we didn’t take them, they’re still working away at our innards, gulped down unconsciously with every mouthful of food we eat. Every day a little more, drip, drip, drip. Because – surprise, surprise – there’s antibiotics in all our food.

What the hell’s going on?

Two things, neither of them good.

Antibiotic resistance

The one Dame Sally is worried about is antibiotic resistance. Because of massive over-use, all kinds of harmful bacteria have evolved that are immune to antibiotics. They’ve mutated and mutated so that whatever illness they cause is unstoppable. If our bodies aren’t strong enough to resist, we’ll die.The drugs dont work

And it’s not just illness. Every routine surgical procedure relies on antibiotics to prevent infection. Heart surgery, hip replacement, gastric bypass – all of them are impossible without infection control. Medicine is on the brink of returning to the Dark Ages.

Antibiotic contamination

The other thing is long-term. We ingest small doses of antibiotics with everything we eat – residual traces of growth boosters used by farmers to fatten up livestock quicker and plant crops yield more strongly.

You read that right too. Growth boosters. Added to animal feed and plant fertiliser in industrial quantities. Super-charging the manure that’s used for everything from grazing grass, to vegetable crops, to grain production – you name it.

How can you tell?

Look around and ask yourself, aren’t more of us overweight than we ever used to be? And not just a little portly round the middle either – but seriously bulging everywhere, at all stages of obesity.

Antibiotics did that – just like they did for the cows and chickens and pigs they were fed to. They got fat, so we get fat too. Fatter and fatter and fatter as the residual doses collectively mount up. Seriously obese.

Which means we’re seriously at risk of what obesity triggers – type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, asthma – all kinds of slow, debilitating ailments that will eventually kill us. Caused by the very same miracle drugs we thought were life savers.

Keep healthy, or else

All of a sudden, our health and everything concerned with protecting it, have become a major issue – like driving on bald tyres. Everything is OK as long as nothing happens. But if it does, we’re going to crash Big Time.

Luckily, we do have defences.

No 1 – wash our hands at every opportunity. Germs surround us and are on everything we touch – so unless we keep them clean, our hands are constantly transferring viruses and bacteria to our mouth, eyes and nose, the easiest doorways for infection to get in.

No 2 – eliminate germs around us. We all carry germs with us and our living spaces are full of them. But they don’t have to be. Mopping and scrubbing gets rid of only a few – we need to be sure of the cracks and crevices. Plus we need to treat the air – probably 80% of any room space that is never usually touched.

Easy with a Hypersteriliser though. That fine mist of ionised hydrogen peroxide destroys all viruses and bacteria by oxidising them to pieces. Forty minutes and the place is sterile – safe from germs down to less than 1 air particle in a million.

No 3 – be watchful. How many times do we cut ourselves because we’re not paying attention? If accidents don’t happen, germs don’t get a look in.

No 4 – go organic. Stop eating mass-produced foods that have antibiotics in them. Not easy at first, you have to find a reliable source. Certainly if you grow your own and eat ocean fresh fish – not the farmed jobs – you’re off to a good start.

Yeah, the drugs don’t work. But if we’re watchful and we’re careful, most of the time we don’t need them. And hopefully we’re healthier and stronger, so if anything does happen, we can rise above it anyway.

Let the dying happen another day.

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Back Off, Bacteria! is the blog of Hyper Hygiene Ltd, supplier of what we’re convinced is the most effective health protection system in the world. A fully mobile, all-automatic Hypersteriliser machine mists up workplaces with ionised hydrogen peroxide, spreading everywhere and eliminating all bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Hypersteriliser units are supplied to businesses and institutions across the UK, notably the haematology and other critical units at Salford Royal Hospital, Greater Manchester; Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospital; South Warwickshire Hospital; Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital; and Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead.

The Halo Hypersteriliser system achieves 6-log Sterility Assurance Level – 99.9999% of germs destroyed. It is the only EPA-registered dry mist fogging system – EPA No 84526-6. It is also EU Biocide Article 95 Compliant.

Originally posted on 24 January 2019 @ 9:50 am

Originally posted on 24 January 2019 @ 9:50 am

Our obesity war – what THEY’RE not telling us

Obesity victim
Diets help, but not enough – so does exercise – but no-one ever admits why you’re fat in the first place

THEY’RE worried. THEY’RE scared. THEY’RE also in denial.

Because THEY know exactly why we’re fat and getting fatter.  Only THEY don’t make the connection. It’s not directly in THEIR field. Therefore it’s off the radar. A fringe issue.

The inconvenient truth

OK, so try this.

Every day we’re in the cross-hairs of the world’s most efficient and No 1 growth booster. Every meal, every mouthful, exposes us more – and this has been happening for more than 50 years.

This growth booster does two things.

The first is, it makes us eat as much as we can and no stopping. Go for the power foods, the ones that give us instant charge and power – quick grab, go, go, go.

The second is, it makes us conserve all the energy we get. Avoid running round burning it all off again, keep calm, relax and chill.

Food production phenomenon

Put both of these together and growth accelerates four times, five times, ten.  Just like it does on the farm. From egg to full-grown roasting chicken in 6 weeks. From calf to Aberdeen Angus sirloin steak in 16 months instead of four years.

Yup, it’s the growth boosters they use in food production that are making us bulk up, the CAUSE of our obesity epidemic.

Quite right, we eat too much and don’t take enough exercise and that makes us pile on the pounds.

But we never think what MAKES us do it. Just try to come up with answers – all of them half-baked and doomed to failure.

Diets, gastric bands, punishment sessions in the gym – they’re all useless until we plug the source of these high powered growth boosters.


Because we eat to satisfy a hunger that isn’t really there. Constantly goaded by our continual ingestion of antibiotics.

Not what the doctor ordered

Not on antibiotics right now?

Oh yes, you are. All of us are.

But we’re all different, so they affect us in different ways. Some of us get fat faster than others. But we’re ALL of us putting on inches.

Since the 1970s, every person in Britain has roughly gained more than three pounds (1.5kg) per decade – that’s twelve pounds (6kg), a third of your baggage allowance on EasyJet.

Not surprising. World use of antibiotics in agriculture is currently around 65,000 tonnes if you believe official reports. Even higher if you probe deeper.

China for instance, acknowledges its overall consumption at 162,000 tonnes – “almost half of world usage” – which means that internationally we’re galloping through around 324,000 tonnes a year.

So where does all this stuff go?

Let’s leave out medical uses for the moment, they’re already a headache with something like one-third prescribed for unnecessary situations. Chickenfeed on farms – and we mean that literally.

Super-beef, super-chicken, super-salad

Pumping antibiotics into animals means farmers can produce market-ready products that are bigger, better and faster than ever before. Compared with the 1950s, a super-duper enlarged output big enough to feed 7½ billion people off the SAME land, 5 billion more than back then. Beef, dairy, poultry, mutton, fish, veg and grain crops – everything in the food spectrum is on turbo from antibiotics.

Yes, the stuff accelerates growth, but not all of it goes in and stays there – no animal absorbs everything it eats. Per Nature’s grand plan that everything is interrelated, the average cow excretes anything from 80-90% of the feedstuff it chows down, nutrients for plants and other animals that feed on them.  Other types of animal are the same – and even our own poo is full of nutrients, prized in China as the best there is.

Result, there’s antibiotics in the soil that grows everything, antibiotics in the waste water run-off, antibiotics in our streams and river systems, antibiotics in our drinking water. Everything on your supermarket shelves is laced with them – and THEY don’t know or pretend not to.

Head in the sand tactics

Obvious though it is, the penny never drops. Not among retailers, or farmers, or doctors, or government, or manufacturers. They all know antibiotics are a super growth booster – and they all know we’re riding the tsunami of a worldwide obesity epidemic. Yet all they’re worried about is antibiotic resistance – that these miracle drugs are beginning not to work as lifesaver any more.

Lifesavers! These things are killing us!

That’s how they work, by the way. By killing bacteria. Killing whatever bacteria might be making us ill – and killing several million of our vital gut bacteria at the same time – the ones that process our digestion, produce our proteins and control our immune systems.

Which is why our immune systems don’t work as well as they used to.  Why we’re less resistant to colds and flu like back in the 60s. Why we’ve got phantom illnesses we never used to have in the form of allergies. And why we’re getting fatter and fatter – on our way to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, asthma – whichever slow-burn killer our own particular metabolism is most vulnerable to.

Big train smash coming

Because antibiotics have become so big, they’re a train we cannot get off. Pull the plug on farming and we go back to food production levels of the 50s – 5 billion people with nothing to eat. Pull the plug in medicine and we’re back to the Dark Ages. No more heart bypasses or hip replacements – infection is either avoided by washing beforehand, or cut away from the suffering body with scalpels.

Not the end of the world, but a pretty devastating substitute. No wonder THEY’RE not telling us. Though if it’s any consolation, you have the satisfaction of knowing that it’s happening to THEM too. THEY’RE getting fat like you, THEY’RE on the same train.

Watch this space, there are ways to jump off – and we will bring them to you.

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Sugar tax, yay! Now let’s watch obesity accelerate

Overweight and pigging out
Think fat people WANT to be fat?
Hey Jamie, wait till you’re a Size 18 too.

Congratulations Jamie, congratulations all, sugar tax is going to happen.

All those nasty drinks that everyone hates so much are going to go up in price, people will a stop buying, everyone will get thinner, yay!

As if.

Just like cigarettes

Exactly like they did when a packet of fags cost 7/6 in old money – £10 and more now, more than 25 times times the price. Because smoking is BAD, yeah? So look at the keep-fit celebs secretly puffing away to maintain that super-trim bod. Are we back to the dark days of using cigarettes to reduce weight?

Yeah, but sugar tax works. Look at Mexico. The sugar tax there cut sales by 12%.

Like wow.

Cut SALES by 12%, NOT obesity. Seriously clever.

The highest rate of overweight people in the world and an estimated 10 million with diabetes. Sugary drinks BAD. But nobody ever asks WHY so many people are drinking the stuff.

Muddied waters

Know much about Mexico? A hot country, right? A lot of it desert, or semi-desert. Dry, dry, dry – the definition of arid. Tropical temperatures. Not a place to get thirsty. Keep yourself properly hydrated, or die.

Ah yes, and how about the water? Until a few years ago, to be avoided like the plague. Full of noxious organisms and bugs – instant illness. As the Kingston Trio sang in Coplas back in 1958 – tell your parents not to muddy the water around us, they may have to drink it soon.

OK, so they chlorinated it – heavily. So if the pipes aren’t too rusty, maybe you can drink it – if you can stand the taste. Oh, and the local bottled water tends to be ropey too.

Hmm, so a lot of Mexicans reckon it’s safer to drink Coke. The Coca Cola Company has a lot to lose – and it’s easier trust a big Americano company with something when you take the cap off yourself.

So you’re Mexican, you drink Coke and you’re fat. Never touch the water. But you’re not writhing on the ground with stomach cramps – and better believe it, try a hot taco with enchilada sauce you’ll know that Mexicans have cast-iron stomachs.

And they’re obese anyway, including those who don’t drink Coke. But they’re not stupid either, they know the sugar connection. So aside from the big thirst of a dry country, WHY do their bodies crave sugar to such levels?

Why does ANYONE’S body crave food that it knows is not right and in such excess?

Wrong body language

Something’s wrong, right? Because we might not be Mexicans, but our bodies aren’t stupid either. Most of the time the benign and absolutely vital bacteria in our gut tell us what we need and our bodies react according – the brain is hardly even consulted.

Yet obese people crave super sweet drinks and high energy foods like they’re preparing for a major physical challenge in Arctic conditions, even though there’s no sign of one. The body is getting mixed signals, why?

Those vital gut bacteria produce two crucial hormones, ghrelin and leptin – the on/off control for the body’s appetite. In obese people, the ghrelin switch is jammed ON and the leptin switch for OFF is not recognised because something has glitched the bacteria.

So what glitches bacteria? Not sugar, that’s for sure. The bacteria digest it with no trouble, but absorb way more than they ever should without ever signalling STOP, SATISFIED. They’ve become leptin resistant.

No, not sugar. Between Jamie and Westminster, they got it all wrong. Because the one thing DESIGNED to kill and damage bacteria that ALL of us are regularly dosed with is antibiotics.

Guaranteed obesity

Antibiotics? All of us?

Oh yeah. Antibiotics before two years old, overweight by five. And average teenagers today have been through at least twenty courses of medicinal antibiotics by the time they reach majority.

But that’s not even the half of it. Kids, teenagers, adults, we ALL ingest residual antibiotics from the food we eat. And guess what? Two thirds of us are overweight.

Because farmers have been using antibiotics to BOOST GROWTH of plant and livestock crops for the last 50 years, ramping up particularly in the last two decades with advances in factory farms and intense production methods.

Boost growth. That means MAKE FATTER.

From egg to full-grown roasting chicken in 6 weeks. From calf to Aberdeen Angus sirloin steak in 16 months instead of four years. And worldwide, farmers are currently using antibiotics at the rate of 65,000 tonnes a year to make this happen. They’re guaranteed to work for billions and billions of animals, why not us?

65,000 tonnes a year to make us fatter – because they’re in the food we eat – unchecked, unregulated and unhealthy. A bigger trigger than sugar could ever be. Pumping us up, even though many of us DON’T have a sweet tooth.

Like how many fat people do you know who eat almost nothing, exercise like crazy, but still stay fat anyway?

So yeah, a sugar tax to fight obesity. Brilliant. Cart before the horse and all that rubbish.

Come on, Jamie, get with the programme.

Because we’re all going to look pretty stupid when the tax comes in and our obesity epidemic lurches from bad to worse.

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