Help, my love-life is killing me!

Lovers breakupTruer than you know.

Ask any teenager. The angst, the gut-wrenching roller-coaster as moods switch, anxieties kick in and self-esteem goes through the floorboards.

Any idea what that does to your body system?

Read the signs – accelerated pulse, irregular breathing, acid stomach, deprived or reduced sleep.

Yeah, OK – we all know the score.

But the symptoms are real. The body’s equilibrium is out of balance and the whole metabolism is at hazard.

Why? Because the threshold is down – the ability to resist viruses and bacteria. The resilience to do things. The strength to stand up to the world. Emotional meltdown.

Perfect for germs to attack – and they do.

Look no further than your nearest TV soap. Just about every love story recognises that downcast lovers can sicken and die.

But they don’t die of love. They die of flu, or gastro, or some usually harmless nuisance bug. Struck down by their own defencelessness.

Young, strong, fully able-bodied – that’s why such losses are a tragedy.

Because once you get beyond say 25 or 30, none of that applies any more. You’re no longer a spring chicken. Injuries or accidents have left their mark. Breathing in all those fumes at work hasn’t helped either.

As your Doc might say, you have “an underlying medical condition.”

IOW – a germ entry-point.

And pretty well all of us have weaknesses of some kind or other. Yet we rattle around happily through life – unaware of the billions and billions of germs that always surround us – that are always ready for the opportunity to invade and damage us.

Yeah, maybe we wash our hands now and then – never as often as we should. And of course we try to keep our surroundings  clean and fresh – wiping and vacuuming, with the occasional scrub.

Yet in the air around us – dragging it around, kind of like our own personal bio-aura – there might be as many as 3.5 million viruses and bacteria to every cubic metre.

Which means if you’re average height – say 1.7 metres – you could be surrounded by upwards of 30 million germs. And that’s just you, by yourself.

Slightly different out in public. Like in the Underground during the rush hour, stuck between stations. Three hundred people in a carriage. Is it any wonder that our “underlying medical condition” makes us want to pull a sickie?

So where is our body armour, our force-field, our invisible barrier against these bio-attacks? Is it just the body’s natural immune threshold and that’s it?


Actually there is a defence – and a mighty good one too.

To sterilise the air around us and everything it touches. Oxidise all viruses and bacteria into oblivion before they can get to us.

Ozone will do it. So will hydrogen peroxide. Ammonium chloride. And a very few of those cleaners and bleaches that work by releasing oxygen.

But walk into a room after one of these things has been in action and the place can be pretty well sterile. Down to three germs per million air particles in a hospital operating room. Or in your own office if you like. Ten minutes misting up the place should do it fine.

Not quite so easy to fall in love with, of course.

But it’s reassuring to know you won’t die.

Originally posted on 8 July 2018 @ 9:11 pm