We dish the dirt on hot water and elbow-grease

Anguished cleaner
Rub and scrub all you like – clean isn’t clean until you’ve got rid of the germs – otherwise what are you cleaning for?

It doesn’t work, does it? Clean, but covered in germs. Micro-dirt.

Polished spotless, but crawling with e. coli. Or campylobacter. Or staphylococcus aureus.

One of them nasties that makes you very ill.

Because you can’t see germs. Too tiny.

Get it right, or not at all

They’re there all right though. Unless the water is really hot.

Above 60⁰C at least. And immersed for at least 5 minutes.

Too hot for your hands. Or your patience.

Mindlessly scrubbing – and getting nowhere.

Oh sure, the dirt goes. But not the germs.

Though soap will get rid of 99% of them, if you’re thorough enough.

As long as you actually use it. Not just a rinse.

Or unless you use bleach.

And for an effective contact time. No quick dab and wipe-off.

10 minutes or more to be sure.

At a good concentration too. Not diluted to nothing because you can’t stand the smell.

At least 10 : 1 because otherwise the fumes are toxic.

And then of course, you’ve got to rinse it off afterwards. Bleach attacks plastics and sensitive surfaces.

Like your hands – and the lining of your nose.

So yes, visible dirt gone – and around 99.9% of the germs. Clean, sort of.

Not good enough

OK round the house, maybe. But not if you’re meticulous.

Or looking after sick people – or trying to stop them getting sick in the first place.

And how about the thing you’re using to scrub with? The sponge or scouring cloth?

Check that for germs too – because chances are, it’s full of them. The worst ever.

Not to mention the sink you might be scrubbing in.

Regularly cleaned, is it? Regularly disinfected?

Bet anything you like, it’s dirtier than your toilet. And how much food prep do you do in there everyday?

OK, so how about steam clean? If the water’s not hot enough, blitz it with heat.

Uh huh. For at least 30 minutes at 121oC.

That’s CONTINUOUS, right? Not hosing around and momentary exposure.

Plus there’s how you’re going to apply elbow grease while you do all that.

Scalding hot and not able to touch anything.

Oh, and making sure you do all the cracks and crevices too. All the hard to reach places.

A schlep, isn’t it?

With a pretty good chance of not doing the job completely.

Dirt gone, yes. But not the germs.

Stop messing about

Had enough?

Time to switch to hydrogen peroxide. Ionised into a mist so it reaches everywhere.

Electrostatically charged, so it actively grabs at germs and holds them till dead.

Two minutes exposure tops, but usually less than that. Around 40 minutes to cover a whole room.

All surfaces, all air space, all nooks and crannies – everything.

Then you’re done, no scrub or rub.

Dirt gone and germs too – 99.9999% destroyed. Down to 1 in a million.

Stops you messing around with hot water – and elbow-grease.

No contest.

Picture Copyright: BDS / 123RF Stock Photo

Back Off, Bacteria! is the blog of Hyper Hygiene Ltd, supplier of what we’re convinced is the most effective health protection system in the world. A fully mobile, all-automatic Hypersteriliser machine mists up workplaces with ionised hydrogen peroxide, spreading everywhere and eliminating all bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Hypersteriliser units are supplied to businesses and institutions across the UK, notably the haematology and other critical units at Salford Royal Hospital, Greater Manchester; Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospital; South Warwickshire Hospital; Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital; and Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead.

The Halo Hypersteriliser system achieves 6-log Sterility Assurance Level – 99.9999% of germs destroyed. It is the only EPA-registered dry mist fogging system – EPA No 84526-6. It is also EU Biocide Article 95 Compliant.

Originally posted on 2 May 2017 @ 4:01 pm

Originally posted on 2 May 2017 @ 4:01 pm