Sickies at work? How to give them some welly!

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No germs, no ill feelings – up and at ’em – ready or not

Many thanks to Aviva for the insightful info in their Health UK survey that triggered this blog

Our secret is out. Us mucus troopers pulling sickies at work when we should be in bed are starting to cost big bucks.

Around 70% of us stagger in to work, pretending not to be ill, according to an Aviva Health UK survey. Blundering around, worried about workload, we’re no real use to man or beast.

Plus, since we’re not well, we’re less productive and making poor decisions – costing the organisation an arm and a leg.

We’re not earning any brownie points from our colleagues either.

A third of them reckon they always catch germs from us. And three-quarters of them figure we’re toxic and should be home in quarantine – not breathing noxious pathogens over everyone.

Besides, we’re not exactly doing ourselves any favours, hanging in there – sickies, sickies.

Job security workaholics

Oh sure, the work piles up – like it would anyway if we got hit by a bus. Even though we know the boss puts company results way ahead of staff health and wellbeing.

But that said, in this state we’re not really competent to do our jobs properly. On top of which, mooning round the office fools nobody – and means we’ll take 10 days longer to get better.

OK, most bosses have absolutely no idea how much this kind of thing costs them.

They’d be worried stiff if they did.

70% of us, according to the survey – 70% of the company’s work-force – all pulling the same sickies at work stunt. Under-powered and under-delivering – out of action way longer than we should be. What company can afford that?

No wonder experts calculate that presenteeism – the hoo-ha we create by coming to work unwell – cost 10 times more than straight absentee sick expenses.

Profitable welly

So here’s one for the boss before she starts doing her number crunching. A way to at least MINIMISE the chances of us infecting each other playing hero. And reduce the time we actually do sit going through the motions, hiding sickies at work.

No, we’re not flogging gym membership, or health plans, or any of the other keep-staff-healthy ideas being touted in workplace wellness packages. Staff are paid for what they are and what they can do. Weaning them off smoking, or penalising their obesity doesn’t contribute to the bottom line.

Oh sure, KEEP STAFF HEALTHY has a nice ring, lots of ra-ra and feel-good – but costs a bomb to do properly.

STOP STAFF GETTING SICK is more basic, reassures everyone, directly affects bottom line – and best of all, is inexpensively do-able.

It’s simple too.

Eliminate all germs, and staff can’t get sick – period.

At least not on company time or on company premises. The germs we pick up, strap-hanging on the Victoria Line are for our own hygiene responsibility and self-preservation.

Low cost, high payback

Uh huh. So it’s a justifiable expense. A few hundred added on to the cleaning job already being done as a daily necessity. Clean, tidy, sterilise – problem solved.


Sure, ionised hydrogen peroxide. Push-button easy. Forty minutes for the average room, job done.

Even double the cleaning bill, and payback in productivity is more than compensated.

Staff feel healthy and motivated, KNOWING their boss has their interests at heart.

Set that against the tide of 43% of employees convinced she’s only worried about output.

Well sure, but it’s good business sense, isn’t it?

Like oiling the wheels of a machine to stop them seizing. A few drops of oil cost nothing. But the machine delivers a whole factory’s production – day-in, day-out, for years on end.

Productivity, profit, progress.

Welly enough?

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Hypersteriliser units are supplied to businesses and institutions across the UK, notably the haematology and other critical units at Salford Royal Hospital, Greater Manchester; Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospital; South Warwickshire Hospital; Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital; and Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead.

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Originally posted on 25 May 2017 @ 2:18 pm

Originally posted on 25 May 2017 @ 2:18 pm