One thing to thank ebola for – it puts us on our guard

Ebola suits
Ebola is not the only one you need protection from – Picture, Médecins Sans Frontières

Yes ebola is scary.

We need to use that. Let the worry it causes make us more careful.

We all know what proper hygiene is – about washing hands, covering your face when you sneeze and your mouth when you cough.

Except we get slapdash with it. Super sloppy and neglectful.

Run a bit late in the morning and we all cut corners. Nah, we’ll be safe enough, take a chance.

Maybe yes, this time.

But with ebola out there, don’t be too sure.

The thirty seconds you save could cost you your life.

What kind of crazy chance is that?

Better to be safe, even up our hygiene level a notch. A big notch.

Because it’s not just ebola, there’s a whole stack of nasties that are adding to the incurable list right now. Deadly killers that no longer respond to antibiotics.

Time to lay this one on you. Another daily hygiene habit that could save your life.

Sterilise the environment around you.

Or make sure it’s done – particularly at work or school – where there are lots of people close together in an enclosed space, all breathing the same air and drinking the same tea.

It’s incredibly easy too – and you don’t have to do nothing. Not nothing, not nothing, not no-how.

Every night when you go home, shut down procedure includes misting the place up with hydrogen peroxide – a super-fine ionised cloud that gets in everywhere and oxidises bacteria and viruses to nothing. Including ebola, if it’s around.

Next morning the place is sterile and everybody’s safe – unless they had an infection beforehand – that, you need a doctor for.

You see, hydrogen peroxide won’t cure you, even though it’s also the body’s own germ-fighter. But you are protected from anything new that might have been in the air or lurking on a table top.

All done by the auto-robot that sits in the room and works while you sleep. Well, not for that long either – around 45 minutes for the average room – at a cost of 85p.

Less than a quid and your boss can stop moaning about people pulling sickies.

So you see? Ebola might be scary, but nothing is ever all-bad.